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1. We ask you to handle our games with care. We recommend using the finger rule. If you can't move a part of the box with your finger, it is not supposed to move. No part of the box requires force to open. ​

2. Our games are heavy! Please take care when placing the game on your table and make sure you play around a sturdy enough table to ensure your safety.

3. Do not leave young children unattended with the game.​

4. When you rent our games, you are responsible for your own safety and for any damage caused to your property.

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Daily or Overnight Rental

Rent the box for the day for $60. Pick up and return within the same day. Free delivery within Halifax peninsula; an additional charge may apply for delivery off-peninsula. Picking it up yourself is always free!

Keep the box overnight and prolong the fun for $70.

Box must be returned by noon the following day.

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