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Policy and Guidelines

1. We ask you to handle our games with care. We recommend using the finger rule. If you can't move a part of the box with your finger, it is not supposed to move. No part of the box requires force to open. ​​

2. Our games are heavy! Please take care when placing the game on your table and make sure you play around a sturdy enough table to ensure your safety.

3. Do not leave young children unattended with the game.​

4. When you rent our games, you are responsible for your own safety and for any damage caused to your property.


Think Inside the Box aspires to provide an engaging, fun and memorable experience for all. Our games are designed to be as barrier-free as possible. That said, we recognize that it will be impossible to create a game that would cater to every level of ability. The games are supposed to be shared and rely on teamwork for success. 

We recommend that when you divide your group to play with the boxes, make sure that there is at least one person with fine motoric skills in every group. This person could also be a volunteer or a PSW. 

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